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BETHELMENDELSMS is an SMS advertising solution provider with passion to promote businesses and peoples communication using MOBILE MESSAGING which is fastest evolving communication channel on the planet . With our simple business process, technical depth, easy-to-use messaging platform, customer-centric products and solutions, you are guaranteed of a world class communication solution that will take your business, church, seminar, meetings, events, political and social campaign to the next level.
With our sms platform be sure that you can reliably reach out to your customers, church members, friends, family, co-workers, customers, suppliers, course mates, students, parents, distributors and your team.

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Easy As ABC!

Our application interface is extremely simple yet effective. We have put all our effort into specific developments which allow organizations to manage and control the use, distribution and effectiveness of text messaging themselves.


In today’s fast pace environment, our most expensive asset is time. Using SMS Gateway can save your time and budget in many different areas. It can be used to ensure employees receive vital information about your company.


Companies now consider SMS as a ‘must have’ tool that can progress marketing dialogue with key audiences by supplying an effective method of contact. It is also taken as a crucial tool through which necessary standards of results can be reached.


The world is changing and in this changing world, there is one single medium that is changing the rules of the game: Text message. In another words SMS. The single best online and offline marketing tool of the 21st century!